Want to count how many deer are on your ground at night? Need to control an errant fox that is causing havoc around your release pens? Thermal imagers will give you a massive edge and save time in the field. Right now, the market is flooded with options from brands all over the world, so here’s a helpful guide to the ones worthy of your attention.

5 of the best thermal scopes and spotters

Leica Calanox ThermalLeica Calonox Sight

This German brand is a powerhouse when it comes to optics. Designed to be used either as a handheld spotter or with a riflescope using an adaptor, this x1 magnification thermal imager offers a large field of view, long detection range and high-contrast image. 
RRP: £3,450 
Visit: leica-camera.com

Pulsar Thermion Duo DXP50Pulsar Thermion Duo DXP50

The Lithuanian brand’s first multispectral riflescope easily switches between thermal imaging and day optics thanks to integrated thermal and CMOS sensors. 
RRP: £4,839.95 
Visit: pulsar-nv.com

Night Pearl Marten 650Night Pearl Marten 650 

This is the first thermal sight developed by the Czech brand since they started specialising in this sector in 2007. This long-in-the-making riflescope incorporates all the latest technology, including sensors and display.
RRP: £3,749
Visit: nightpearluk.com

Swarovski TM 35Swarovski  tM 35

This Austrian household name has created a x1 magnification clip-on device with modern thermal imaging technology for impressive enhanced night vision.
RRP: £3,980
Visit: swarovskioptik.com

Thermtec Ares 660ThermTec ARES 660

Chinese brand ThermTec has been focused on the R&D and production of infrared thermal imaging systems since 2011. This is one of most advanced thermal optics available, featuring either a 20mm (1.07) or 60mm (3.2) focal length, providing optional base magnification (dual field of view) to suit a range of hunting applications.
RRP: £4,179
Visit: edgarbrothers.com