Somehow the A-Tec H2 mod managed to duck under the RS radar. Arriving on the market in 2019, this H2 (Hertz version 2) reflex ‘over barrel’ mod replaces all previous incarnations in the ‘H’ range. It’s a modular design that allows you to add or remove baffle modules to reduce length and weight, thereby better suiting your rig to certain tasks (truck shooting) or to improve overall balance. And of course full disassembly means it’s also very easy to maintain.

There are two variants, both consisting of four separate elements with the central two being the main baffle sections, which can be added and removed as required. The H2 is the standard diameter at 49.4mm. The Mega H2 at 64mm is designed for larger magnum calibres.

Mounting is via either a traditional thread or A-Tec’s A-Lock Mini system, which provides a clever quick-change facility with a small threaded muzzle adaptor that screws onto the barrel and allows you to detach your mod with a short 60° twist. With the A-Lock installed it takes seconds to add or remove a mod. Needless to say, it’s probably advisable to Loctite the A-Lock Mini into position on the barrel.

Easy and fast mod removal is a nice touch, but perhaps the real appeal of the A-Lock Mini system is that it allows these small adapters to be added across a range of rifles with various threads, thereby allowing you to easily run the same moderator on all of them – assuming a suitable calibre/bore size on the rifles and the mod in question. Obviously you can also use the A-Lock system to add a muzzle brake if you wish and there’s even a thread protector if you want to go completely unmodified.

Good looking, modular and with the option for multi-rifle use via the A-Lock Mini adaptor system


The unit on test was a standard threaded H2. The rear module has a small expansion chamber with what looks like a flash suppressor and is the first element designed to slow gas expansion.

The twin main baffles in the midsection are impressive bits of CNC engineering in their own right and employ interesting geometry to slow the gases even further, thereby dropping the decibel level. With both in place moderation was effective and comfortable; removing one does substantially push up the volume levels as you’d expect.

Given the very minimal increase in length and weight, I can’t envisage any situation that would require me to shorten the mod. It’s not long, it certainly isn’t heavy and in its standard form the level of sound suppression is excellent.

Build quality is superb, with the various modules gliding together effortlessly courtesy of beautifully cut threads. The anodised aluminium body is also nicely finished and styled. A-Tec claim the new H2 mod has improved technology that is very effective on the first-round pop/cold barrel shot. I must admit I couldn’t agree or disagree, as there’s no real way of testing such a claim. What I can say is that the A-Tec has a great design and offers a lot of flexibility in a lightweight and highly suppressed package. 

Tech specs

  • Overall performance: 33dB(C)
  • Weight: 436g
  • Diameter: 49.4mm
  • Over barrel length: 80mm
  • Added length: 150mm
  • Total length: 230mm
  • Max barrel diameter: 23.7mm  


  • RRP for the threaded H2: £231  
  • H2 for A-Lock Mini adaptor: £244; A-Lock Mini adaptor: £63; total £307  
  • Prices are not affected by calibre or thread specifications