The Midge Armour net and glasses go on test with Owen Beardsmore... he discovers an effective and affordable solution to the dreaded midge!

If you enjoy your sport, in any area where you may encounter the dreaded midge you will no doubt have in your kitbag some form of protection, be it spray or midge net.

Whether you shoot, stalk or fish, a day in the woods, on the moor, or by the river can be ruined by this ferocious foe with their relentless attack to feast on any uncovered human flesh.

We can cover up and spray ourselves as best we can, but we still need clear visibility to enjoy our pastimes during the ‘season of the midge’, which can range from May to late September.

How nice it was to discover a new innovation on the midge net by Midge Armour Ltd, that incorporates a pair of wraparound clear glasses within the net. It is simple and easy to put on, although a little care is needed as the net material is quite fine.

Once installed, you hardly know you have it on. The elasticated collar is adjustable to ensure a sealed fit, and of course the clear glasses afford you full vision, something a standard midge net does not and which can hamper operations like glassing with your binoculars, tying a fly or watching for a pack of grouse on a moorland horizon.

Though you may think that this is a product mainly for use in Scotland, I have used it regularly in the woodlands of southern England, and even on early season duck flights or an afternoon’s pigeon decoying in the Midlands. It stops any flying ‘bitey’ things and affords you maximum clear visibility of your surroundings.

The product comes in a light metal tin box to protect it when not in use or when stored in your kitbag.

The product tested was the ‘Original’ range, which uses wraparound-style safety spectacles, but there is also a ‘Pro-range’ with tinted lenses and foam inserts to give a softer fit.

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