The World Championship for Rimfire Precision Rifle is another first in the Precision Rifle Shooting community and will take place in Italy from August 28 to September 3. It will bring together the best .22 Precision Rifle Shooters from around the world to compete on challenging courses, designed to test their accuracy, precision, and mental fortitude.

The Great Britain Precision Rifle Association (GBPRA) has held three qualification matches to select shooters to represent Great Britain at this world-class event. Their selection is a testament to their talent and the hard work they have put in to prepare for the World Championships.

The team is as follows:

  • Mens Open
    Thomas Rice, Andre Mills, Ryan Charlton, Lawrence Barnes, Ben Wood, Dean Hadfield.
  • Ladies Open
    Laura Foy, Andrea Charlton, Holly Duggan, Heather Armstrong.
  • Junior
    Noah Smith, Lucas Westcough, Will Champion, James Armstrong.
  • Factory
    Dean Scott, Adam Farwell, Alan Rowe, Benjamin Mcilwaine.
  • Senior
    Mark Twitty, Duncan Mcilwaine, Simon Catling, David Arnold.

Their participation in the World Championship will not only showcase their skills but also promote the sport of Precision Rifle Shooting in Great Britain, inspiring future generations of shooters to excel and demonstrate the nation's prowess in Precision Rifle Shooting.

The GBPRA extends its gratitude to its sponsors and supporters whose invaluable contributions make it possible for the team to participate in the World Championship. Their support has been instrumental in helping the GBPRA promote Precision Rifle Shooting as a sport in Great Britain.

The GBPRA and the team have begun fundraising to support their travel to the World Championships with a raffle featuring some incredibly generous prize. This will be drawn live on Youtube on 3rd July 2023. Details of the raffle can be found here

GB 22 rimfire rifle shooter in actionGet involved in precision rifle shooting!

For those wanting to get involved with the Precision Rifle scene there is the opportunity to learn and train with the Team GB shooters, on the PR1 introductory course, being held at Monmouth Rifle Club on 16 July 2023. Click here for more details.

Any companies or representatives wishing to support the team are encouraged to contact