Short, black, and made of rubber, with no laces or buckles, the Edgewater boots are about as simple as they come in terms of appearance. The 100% waterproof claim has been tested to the max throughout the wettest March on record and emerged into April with five gold stars.

The 5mm neoprene lining runs throughout the whole boot, which makes them super squishy and comfortable to wear, straight out of the box. This, coupled with the reinforced Achilles support, means you avoid that awful aching “foot fatigue” you get from wearing poor quality boots over long periods of time.

The sole is chunky yet flexible, with a fairly aggressive tread, and they are warm yet breathable, so there’s no slippery toe action to worry about if you exert yourself!

I am a UK size 7.5, so I ordered up and got an 8 – this was a perfect fit with a decent sock on, so do bear that in mind if you’re between sizes.


I’ve worn these boots pretty much every day since they arrived, and along with being the perfect boot for daily dog walks and general garden/ outdoor chores, I’ve discovered another unexpected benefit…

I don’t like driving in cumbersome wellies, so when I go foxing I drive to the location in trainers, which inevitably end up coated in mud as I try to change footwear in the dark. The Edgewater boots, being short and flexible, are a dream to drive in, so I can arrive at the location suited, booted, and ready to go. Lovely!

When you live the outdoor lifestyle, sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference. The Edgewater Classic Ankle Boots from The Muck Boot Company have made my life easier, my feet more comfortable, and my trainers cleaner. Top marks, with honours.