Detailed description of the technical features that make the Swazi Nahanni smock ideal clothing for rifle shooters

Swazi Apparel is renowned for being serious gear: tough, practical, comfy, and made to be dragged through all manner of vegetation and muck on your hunting expeditions. You can expect more of the same from their Nahanni smock. Made from polar fleece this super warm, over-the-head garment is incredibly quiet when moving, which means that, as well as keeping you toasty, it increases your stealth factor on stalking trips. The removable wired and lined hood is cleverly shaped, so as not to interrupt your peripheral vision, and there are waterproof hand-warming pockets, helping to keep fingers mobile for when you need to fiddle with those dials. Cut in a longer shape, the smock won’t ride up and chill your back when sitting for long periods of time, and also prevents those icy drafts from finding their way down your trousers – not a happy experience for any man, hunter or no! Side vents aid ease of movement, while wrist cuffs up the ‘toastometer’. Available in black, olive or tussock green, the quick-drying fabric also makes this a great under layer, and the soft fleece provides the perfect makeshift pillow if you need to minimise the kit you’re carrying.

Davey Hughes, founder of Swazi and the original Swaziman, comments: “Swazi customers tell me they virtually live in their Nahanni smocks, which stand out from the crowd for being practical, versatile and extremely easy to wear. This smock has had rave reviews from many avid hunters and, once you’ve tried one, I guarantee you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!”

RRP: £130.32 +P&P

Sizes: S-XXL