In 2022 Schmidt & Bender (S&B) reaches 65 years old; while others are thinking of retirement at that age, S&B instead has a newly launched riflescope to share with the world!

Developing and manufacturing riflescopes in Germany since 1957, S&B presents for 2022 a new 6-36x56 PM II riflescope, which the company classes as one of its best - if not THE best - scopes for mid- to extreme-long range shooting.

Why? Well, simply look at the data sheet and it will tell you... magnification range, field-of-view (FOV), size, weight, elevation adjustment range and superior image quality due to patented lens coatings are all key features of the 6-36x56 PM II. 

A wide Field of View
The wide FOV, which is better than most current/available 5-25x56 riflescopes, is combined with an outstanding optical quality for better awareness, enhanced detail and target recognition. In order to make best use of this optical advantage, even in unstable shooting positions, the 6-36x56 PM II has a generous eye-box which cannot be over-valued.

41MIL of internal elevation & precision turrets
The large internal elevation travel of 41 MIL can be tracked with 100% repeatability and precision by different turrets, which all serve different applications: 

  • The ultra flat DT27 or DT35 turrets support tactical use
  • The DTII+ turret with easy to read digits is perfect for competition shooting
  • The MTII turret offers 39,5 MIL with a fine 0.5 cm click value for precise shot placement and more accurate zeroing

credit: MILPICTURES / Tom Weber

Light/Illumination Parallax Integrated
The scope features an illumination knob which is included into the parallax adjustment. The parallax adjustment starts as low as 20m and is therefore suitable for dry firing and .22 rimfire caliber training.

The Light/Illuminated Parallax Integrated (LPI) also enables faster illumination and parallax adjustment control with one simple hand position, as well as catering for left-handed use. The former position of the illumination knob, right before the ocular head, can now be used for mounting an Anti-Cant Scope Lever or other accessories.

All the above, in a standard 34mm tube diameter!
The compact size and the intelligent tube design reduces weight, to as low as 940g/33oz, without compromising on stability or ruggedness. The new 6-36x56 PM II can take basically all S&B accessories such as sun shades, lens protection covers, KillFlash (ARD), yellow, grey and laser filters as well as the Throw Lever.

All of this reflects careful, intelligent development resulting in a truly premium and high performing riflescope.

Prices start at 3200EUR
* The new 6-36x56 PM II can be ordered now at authorized dealers and will ship in the second half of 2022.