Although I occasionally get a bit of stalking via friends, freelancers or the occasional press junket, it’s varmint control that makes up the bulk of my shooting. Foxing makes up a fair proportion but I’m just as happy on the bunnies or around the yard on the rats with an air rifle. 

It’s par for the course as a pest controller that you just do what’s required. If the farmer wants the bunnies thinning out, that’s the next job on the list. The downside of this kind of utilitarian shooting is that it requires are fair amount of kit. Maybe an air rifle (FAC or otherwise) for the bunnies or rats earlier in the evening then a centrefire for foxing later.

In addition to the rifles there’s also all the paraphernalia which goes with each activity. The solution, a drag bag. Perfect! However, dragging too bags around is a real pain, especially if you have sticks or a tripod to lug about. There are also obvious security issues if you opt to leave one rifle in the vehicle, even if it’s made safe, which isn’t always an option with an FAC air rifle.

rifle case
There's loads of space and padding to support two rifles with mods fitted

The solution, the Ogden Tactical Rifle Case, a single bag that can carry two rifles at a time, each strapped in place and separated by a padded divider that can also double-up as a shooting mat that can be quickly removed from the case.

The case itself is made from military grade cordura with a hard cell outer foam and a softer inner providing maximum protection. Easily adjustable straps keep your rifles locked in position during transit, with the removable range mat providing extra padding and acting as a divider. Obviously, it works equally well when porting a single rifle but it’s the dual carry capacity that makes it special.

During the test, I secured two of my heaviest rifles (mods fitted), along with a thermal spotter, a huge IR torch, a bolt plus ammo for both rifles, all stored in the external pocket. In total it weighed in at 17kg, that’s just under 40lb and there was no sign or sound of any excess strain, with the bag/handles coping easily with all that weight.

Grip handles fasten to a Velcro pad and the double rucksack style shoulder straps can be reattached in several positions with a chest strap to aid carriage. There are drag loops/ clasps on each end providing extra fixing points. A large, sectioned external pocket provides plenty of room for the typical array of accessories and there’s separate zipped internal and external sections alongside the main storage compartment.

rifle case The case is available in 50" as standard but 45" + 55" can be made to order. Phil Ogden makes all his bags and cases by hand and has been a fixture at UK shooting shows for years. Made in England by a man who knows his job inside out and with everything manufactured from quality fabrics.

Is there anything I’d like to change? Maybe the external pocket could be slightly larger. To be honest, this is really a personal issue, as the nature of the job often requires me to carry loads of extra gear with me for testing - multiple thermals, torches and all manner of accessories. For a typical shooter, the available storage should more than enough.

All in all, an exceptional product. Great design and build quality. Perfect for anyone who needs to easily transport multiple rifles to the range, the farm, or out on the hill. Highly recommended.