Find out when you can get your hands on the August issue of Rifle Shooter magazine, where to buy it and get subscriptions, and what’s inside! 

The August issue of Rifle Shooter magazine is on sale 21st July  
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What's in the August issue?
Product tests
Sightmark Boresight - An add-on to pre-align a scope before zeroing at the range
Hornady Ammo - Superformance Varmint range
Short rifle review on a Henry Krank underlever cowboy rifle, by a new contributor Mark Underwood
Hawke Range Finder - A great little gadget at a very reasonable price. Does all the things units 3 times the price do
Leupold VX-6HD - The latest incarnation of Leupold’s top of the line rifle scope
Steyr Zephyr 22 LR rifle - Reviewed by Broadsword
Howa Carbon - review by Chris parkin
Barret 98 – review by Chris Parkin

Hunting and features
Spanish Roe Buck - A lovely piece about stalking in the Basque country
Nosler lead free ammo - Broadsword's ongoing guide to reloading with lead free ammunition
Stalker’s Diary, Highland View, and 'do we have a deer problem?'
Beginner’s guide to boar hunting 
New Reloading Regular - kicking this one off with a 4-page special, a ‘from the ground up guide’ to reloading. Everything you need to know along with a ongoing guide to the gear you need and the stuff you don’t.
Precision Rifle Shooting - The regular roles on with Ryan Charlton at the helm
Sometimes things work out & Summer foxing - Two articles from the legend that is Mike Powell