When is the July issue of Rifle Shooter on sale? Find out when you can get it, where, and what’s inside! 

The July issue of Rifle Shooter magazine is on sale 16th June 
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What's inside the July issue?
* Vario Novo ear defenders review
* Wildcat P12 Moderator review
* Baildon Rifle club Range – A new 100m shooting range.
* Swarovski DS2 – Swarovski's high-end techno-scope, built in range finding and ballistics
* Foxing with Mark Ripley
* Bergara BXR Carbon 22 LR review
* Thermal scopes head-to-head – three of the best thermal scopes reviewed side-by-side! The Pulsar Thermion 2, the IRay Rico and the IRay Tube TL35
* Stag hunting in Spain – A lovely piece featuring Pedro Ampuero and his mates romping around Spain in search of red deer.
* Stalker’s Diary 
* Mature Shooters – How to adjust to ‘getting a bit older’ as a rifle shooter, written by Mike Powell.
* South African Game – A retrospective look back at Alex Hatton’s time working on the game reserves in Africa. 
* Mauser M100 gun test
* Small calibre foxing – Another piece by Mike Powell all about using smaller calibres to control foxy foes