When it comes to scope mounts, Sportsmatch tend to get a bit ignored, with the more glamorous mount makers tending to grab all the headlines. I think it’s a case of familiarity breeding contempt or perhaps indifference, as most of us bought Sportsmatch back in those early air rifling days because that’s all local gun shops stocked.

The fact is that Sportsmatch make exceptionally good scope mounts and our very own Mark Ripley has teamed up with them over the past year to help develop and test an all-new single piece mount that I’ve also used to great affect while testing the HIK Micro Thunder on my 10/22 in this issue.

The mount also incorporates a bubble level, which can be particularly handy when initially mounting a scope, but it’s perhaps of less use in the field as it tends to be obscured by the ocular bell of the scope when you’re actually behind the rifle. Nevertheless, it’s a nice touch and a useful addition.

As the eagle-eyed will have noticed, Mark has been using Sportsmatch mounts for several years and he’s always found them exceptionally well built and 100% reliable, which isn’t a big surprise as they sell in over 40 countries and are used by both police and military units throughout the world.

credit: Archant

The latest mount is a one-piece unit which Mark actually helped design – the idea being to incorporate everything shooters look for in a scope mount, such as the aforementioned bubble level plus the addition of an extra clamping screw on either side of each mounting ring, thereby providing 12 heavy duty screws to lock things down and ensure your scope isn’t going anywhere!

Mark recently put them to the test in a rather unusual manner courtesy of a road traffic accident. His trusted .260 was on the back seat and after a 70mph side impact (which rolled his pickup and wrote it off) not only did the new mount hold the optic securely, it did so with no loss of zero! A real testament to the new mount and the Element scope which was on board at the time.

If you wish to remove the scope, there are two quick-release levers on the side of the base of the mount allowing for quick removal and repeatable refitting to a Picatinny rail, which is ideal if you want to swap to and from your day scope to a night vision or thermal rig. The mount also comes supplied with two standard locking nuts, should you not require the quick-release feature.

Currently, the mount is only available in one standard height and as a 30mm version, although this may well be expanded to include a 34mm if they prove popular. If you’re looking for a reliable, solid, tool-free quick-release mount, I think the £199.99 price tag is a very reasonably price for what is a high-quality product designed for and indeed by serious shooters. 

Supplier: www.sportsmatch-uk.com 
Price: £199.99