There are four models available with either 2-12x50 or 3-18x56 optics, coupled to illumination and, if you require, a ballistic turret. In terms of commonality, all four use a 6x erector tube with the ocular body collar rotating anti-clockwise for increase magnification. All feature smooth, hard anodising that doesn’t drag the skin from your fingers and the 30mm tubes have plenty of space for the scope rings to clamp, offering correct eye relief on your rifle. Serrations on the zoom ring and ocular lens focus are subtle but easily gripped.

Two Optimate riflescopes mounted on riflesThe scopes arrive with elasticated lens caps and a cleaning cloth. If you have the ballistic turret you also get Allen keys for setup. I used the simplest 2-12x50, with illumination control on the left of the saddle and its CR2032 battery fitting under the end cap. The more advanced ballistic turret option was supplied in the 3-18x56 scope, with the larger objective lens offering more light entry to flatter the greater magnification capability. This turret has rotating collars that can be locked in position with an Allen key to indicate chosen extended range elevation settings. There is also a zero stop, which is set with the top cap removed and simply rotated back to the start position once the gun is zeroed at your chosen range.

Turret clicks are ¼ MOA on both optics (15 MOA per turn), indicating functional simplicity. Both optics offer a simple German #4 crosshair reticle in the second focal plane with a floating centre dot that has 11 intensity levels for the red illumination, which is flat and without excess sparkle. I like the fact that Edgars accurately describe these optics as great value for money, hard wearing and reliable, and suitable for airguns, rimfire and centrefire. They all have fully multicoated lenses and are 100% shockproof, waterproof and fog proof. 

A close up of an Optimate riflescope turret being unscrewedThe fixed parallax 2-12x50 (set at 100yd), is ideal for the stalker or fox controller, whereas the variable parallax on the 3-18x56 enables clear image at any magnification from 10yd to infinity. I found both scopes to be as described, totally functional, optically clear and with crisp reticles enabled by the fast-focus eyepieces (+/-2.5 dioptre) across the magnification range. Mechanical range for elevation and windage is versatile and the turrets give firm tactile clicks. Setting up the ballistic turret is straightforward and although not the most advanced, certainly provides enough capability for ethical longer-range shots without overwhelming the user. 

Given the overall close size and weight without significant cost increase, the 3-18x56 is the better buy in my opinion, and with a ballistic turret it makes a versatile hunting optic for virtually any rifle type. It also has the advantage of a slightly brighter image through the mid-range than its 50mm objective peer.

Model 2-12x50 WA IR 3-18x56 WA SF IR
Eye relief 96mm/3.8" 98mm/3.8"
Field of view @100m 3-20m 2-13m
Max elevation adjustment  ≥90 MOA ≥60 MOA
Length   355mm (13.9") 378mm (14.9")
Weight 670g (23.6oz)  740g (26.1oz)


  • 2-12x50 WA IR £299.99
  • 2-12x50 WA IR Ballistic Turret £304.99
  • 3-18x56 WA SF IR £375.00
  • 3-18x56 WA SF IR Ballistic Turret £379.99


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