Regular readers will have spotted Ogden’s double rifle case which was featured in last month’s Rifle Shooter, an affordable and ingenious solution to the problem of transporting two rifles at a time, with the addition of a built-in shooting mat. Ideal for either to the range, the hill, or anywhere else come to that.

Well, the innovation continues with yet another superb design from Phil Ogden, a name synonymous with great build quality when it comes to gun cases and slips. This time around Phil has turned his attention to in-car gun storage and has come up with a perfect solution… The Autoslip.

The Autoslip isn’t just another gun slip, it’s actually an inspired solution to a problem many a foxer or varmint hunter has to contend with. Foxers tend to ply their trade at night and for those of us with several permissions, often spread over a large area, a vehicle is the only practical solution when it comes to chasing Charlie.

Autoslip The Autoslip solves the problem of rifles lying on the back seat ending in the rear footwell due to either a sudden stop or a particularly rough patch of ground. It does this by hanging on two adjustable straps from the rear of the driver’s and passenger’s headrests where it’s both out of the way and easy to access. It keeps the rifle completely safe in transit and virtually out of sight from outside. Equally important, it offers instant access if you spot an opportunity, as the rifle can be slid out from its protective sheath from either side of the vehicle in seconds. 

‘Be prepared’ is a scouting motto but the same maxim applies to foxing; seconds count and time spent scrabbling about in the dark looking for bits and pieces or trying to untangle a rifle from a drag bag can mean an opportunity lost. The Autoslip solves these problem with easy access to the rifle and two extremely large zipped pockets capable of storing everything you could ever need for an evening’s hunting.

The bag has been designed to hold a rifle, complete with scope or night vision system, including a mounted torch up top! The material used is 600 denier heavy duty polyester which is laminated to 6mm foam backed black velour within, providing ample protection to the rifle. The Autoslip measures 52” (132cm) long and 14.5”(37cm) deep. The two large storage pockets are 20” (52cm) long and 10” (26cm) deep which ,like the main rifle compartment, both feature heavy duty zips.

Anything I’d like to see added? Perhaps a traditional carrying handle, just to make it a little easier to port back and forth to the vehicle. I like to keep all my accessories in one place, minus the rifle obviously, so I wouldn’t leave it in the vehicle overnight,

I noticed at the recent Stalking Show that Blaser have launched a very similar product called the Blaser Car Soft Cover retailing at over £100. If Blaser have adopted the concept it must have serious merit. Finally, the godfather of British foxing Mr Mike Powell is a huge fan of The Autoslip and never leaves home without it. If it’s good enough for Mike, it’s good enough for me!

A quality product and inspired idea combined with the best of British workmanship and materials. A simple but extremely useful solution to the problem of easy gun access and in-car gun storage. Highly recommended. 

Contact: Ogdens Shooting Supplies