A review of Hawke’s flagship riflescope range, Frontier, with Frontier 30 SF specification chart

credit: Archant

After many years of growth and development, Hawke is setting itself apart from the competition with a new flagship riflescope range, Frontier. Hawke will launch the new range in early 2016, bringing Hawke to a new level of optical performance and securing itself as a premium optical manufacturer.

The new range includes four riflescope variations, with an LR Dot or TMX reticle in either 2.5-15x50 or 5-30x50 models.

The hallmark of the Frontier line is the precision-engineered optical system with index-matched lenses. It is easy to see the quality with exceptional clarity throughout the field of view and crisp image transmission. The 6x optical system provides flexibility when transitioning between close and long-range shooting. Other features demonstrating the exceptional quality include the 21-layer fully multi-coated optical system and glass-etched reticles with 11-step red illumination.

The four Frontier riflescopes offer side focus control for optimum accuracy and long eye relief designed for high recoil and magnum calibres. The sleek matt black anodized 30mm mono-tube chassis is machined from high-grade aluminium for a lightweight scope, at just under 700g, while low profile ¼ MOA click-sound matched turrets provide smooth and precise adjustment.

credit: Archant

The new flagship range will sit above the Endurance range, with it bringing Hawke into a new level of optical prominence.

Commenting on the launch of the Frontier, Chief Executive, Stephen Walker, said: “This exceptional engineered range will really set Hawke apart. We have worked hard to design the flagship range but still maintain our roots as an innovative, quality, value for money optical manufacturer. We have become the kind of company that can compete with top-level optical manufacture but still stay true to our values.”


credit: Archant

Frontier 30 SF 30mm 2.5-15x50 LR Dot £499.99

Frontier 30 SF 30mm 2.5-15x50 TMX £499.99

Frontier 30 SF 30mm 5-30x50 LR Dot £549.99

Frontier 30 SF 30mm 5-30x50 TMX £549.99

For further information on the range please visit www.hawkeoptics.co.uk.