The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club are rebranding with aims of revolutionising visibility for women shooting. The new group, The Women’s Shooting Network (WSN), will also be dedicated to bringing ladies in fieldsports to ‘the forefront of the industry agenda’.   

 The rebrand comes at a pivotal time for shooting with a growing recognition of the need for greater diversity and inclusivity. The WSN say they want to foster an inclusive and accessible approach, providing a supportive and empowering environment for women of all ages and abilities to enjoy field sports. They also aim to ‘lead the way’ by increasing levels of female participation and the visibility of women’s shooting within a wider sporting context.  

 Georgina Roberts, Olympic Trap shooter for Team GB and Director of the WSN said “We are excited to unveil our new identity and mission as we strive to make constructive changes within and for the shooting industry. We have a strong vision for the future and how we can play a crucial role in education the nation and creating a positive narrative about the shooting sports.”  

 The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club were founded in 2011 buy Victoria Knowles-Lacks and were originally named for the cakes used to encourage females into shooting. Since Georgina bought the club in 2022 there has been greater emphasis on creating a platform for ladies to access fieldsports. Since its conception the club has welcomed over 22,000 members.  

 As part of the relaunch, the WSN has organised a series of events, workshops and online sessions to educate and empower female shooters, as well as drive increased participation. The group will also be working with industry stakeholders to ensure fair representation and co-create opportunities for women within the sport.  

 The group has invited all women to join the rebranded community to ‘inspire change, break through the barriers of stereotypes and pave the way for more women to get involved.’ For more information about the WSN, visit or follow them on Instagram at @womensshootingnetwork.