In episode 15 of our deer management series with Chris Rogers on Shooting & Country TV (S&C TV), we are met with a bit of a conundrum... we had planned to go out after some reds, but a slightly delay in the planned upgrades to the estate larder mean we can't shoot anything bigger than a roe.

So, instead, we decide to spend a day in the life of a deer manager! We learn all about the work that Chris does between stalking outings, learn how to erect a highseat, where is the best place to erect a highseat, and how to get safely in and out of one without hurting yourself or your precious rifle. We take a look around the estate and learn how the deer are behaving at this time of year, and finally, as the light begins to fade, we have a go at stalking a muntjac.

See if we are successful, and learn even more about deer management in this month's episode. Enjoy!


Rifle - Blaser R8 Ultimate Stock in .243 

Clothing - Harkila Mountain Hunter Hybrid Jacket and Trousers, Grove GTX boots & Pro Hunter gaiters 

Optics - Swarovski DSI scope, EL 42 binoculars 

Bipod - Spartan Javelin Pro Hunt bipod