In this video, we head to the range with Chris Rogers and learn how to bore sight a scope and zero it in at 100m, before taking an in-depth look at how distance affects your bullet drops.

Chris demonstrates how far a bullet drops at 200m and at 300m, before using a ballistic App hooked up to his Swarovski binoculars to input precise clicks into the scope so he can aim right on target at longer ranges.

Accurately zeroing your scope and working out your own specific bullet drops at typical hunting ranges is absolutely vital if you aim to make clean kills while out hunting and deer stalking. Chris explains step by step how to achieve that in this episode of Shooting & Country TV (S&CTV).


  • Rifle - Blaser R8 Ultimate Stock in .243 
  • Clothing - Harkila Pro Hunter Move Jacket and Trousers, Forest Hunter GTX Mid boots & Pro Hunter gaiters 
  • Optics - Swarovski Z8i 2-15x60 scope, EL Range 10x42 binoculars, Ballistic Turret Flex, Ballistic App, Compact Telescope, VPA phone adaptor
  • Bipod/rests - Spartan Davros Pro Head 2, Ascent Tripod, Pro Tac bipod