In this video, professional deer manager Chris Rogers is out on a mission to complete his Chinse water deer cull before the end of the season

In episode 9 of our deer management series with Chris Rogers on Shooting & Country TV, we're back out on the Norfolk Broads and Chris is on a mission to get some Chinese Water Deer in the bag before the season ends. 

It's does, kids and small/poor bucks on the hit list, and there is certainly no shortage of deer! The challenge in this area is not finding the deer, but getting close to them as they sunbath and graze on the flat, open land. If you bump one deer, it's sure to take at least three more with it! 

In contrast to the last Chinese Water Deer episode, which was filmed during the rut as storm Barra swept across the country, the weather this time is sunny and bright, and the daylight hours are longer, allowing Chris to make a serious impact before the deer come out of season. 

Enjoy watching a master at work.

Rifle - Blaser R8 Ultimate Stock in .243 
Clothing - Harkila Mountain Hunter Smock, Mountain Hunter Pro trousers, Grove GTX boots & Pro Hunter gaiters