Known to the S&C TV Team as The Postman (because he always delivers), Chris outdoes himself in this epic example of top notch professional deer management.

He starts the day at the crack of dawn on the frozen Norfolk Broads, where the first deer on the menu are the flourishing population of Chinese Water Deer who call the Broads their home.

After a productive morning on the CWD, it's back to the estate at Thetford to try for some muntjac, which are ALWAYS on the menu, and just when you think it's all over... roe! And not just one, we might add...

Being a professional deer manager, it is Chris's job to keep the numbers of all these species of deer down to reasonable population levels that do not have an adverse effect on the estate's farmland and forests, or on the health of the herd itself. This video documents a professional cull - it is not undertaken for leisure or for fun.


Rifle - Blaser R8 Ultimate Stock in .243 - Blaser UK  

Clothing - Harkila Pro Hunter Move Jacket and Trousers, Forest Hunter GTX Mid boots & Pro Hunter gaiters - Harkila 

Optics - Swarovski DSI scope, EL 42 binoculars - Swarovski Optik

Bipod - Spartan Javelin Hunt Tac Pro (long model) bipod, Spartan Emberleaf Cael AR V2 knife - Raytrade UK