Deano has one goal, and that goal is to finally shoot one problem fox! This particular fox has been taking chickens and game birds, and has eluded Deano on several occasions. He has his suspicions he's not dealing with a local fox due to its erratic behaviour and failure to show up every night.

With days of baiting, watching, and waiting behind him, tonight is the night he will hopefully catch up with particularly crafty Charlie and solve his foxy problem once and for all!

Deano is a master of highly targeted fox control, with many years of fieldcraft giving him an advantage many do not possess. Armed with a .243 rifle, and a new spotter and scope from Infiray UK, he settles in to see what the night will bring to those who wait...


  • Infiray TL35 Tube thermal scope
  • Infiray FH35R thermal spotter

Both available to buy at: Infiray UK