In this episode of Shooting & Country TV (S&C TV), everyone's favourite Foxer, Mark Ripley (260 RIPS) heads out to test out the awesome new Zeiss DTC thermal imaging clip-on.

With a beautiful Zeiss Conquest V6 day scope mounted on the Mauser, Mark heads off into the fields in daylight in search of fallow deer. As the daylight fades and it becomes too dark to use the day scope, there's no need to head back to the truck to swap rifles or scopes...

With one simple click, the day scope is transformed into a thermal scope with the Zeiss DTC, and in a matter of seconds, he's ready to go foxing! No need to re-zero, no need to swap kit. Also in the kit bag is the Zeiss DTI thermal spotter, which Mark uses to track down a problem fox...

See for yourself how the simple Zeiss DTC system provides you with the ability to hunt non-stop, from dusk til dawn, and through to dusk again!


Zeiss DTI thermal spotter

Zeiss DTC thermal clip-on

Zeiss Conquest V6 (2-12x50) day scope