Chris Rogers is out on the estate in Thetford trying to get on top of his cull target with some lowland red deer and fallow deer stalking, but it's not easy when there are 50 pairs of eyes and ears to get past before you can even think about taking a shot!

The challenge of stalking the herding deer species is highlighted as he edges closer to a fallow herd, singling out the best animal to take... and later in the video, we witness the flip side of hunting these animals as Chris hits the jackpot in a block of woodland. Enjoy, as always, watching an absolute master at work.


  • Rifle - Blaser R8 Ultimate Stock in 30-06 
  • Clothing - Harkila Pro Hunter Move Jacket and Trousers, Forest Hunter GTX Mid boots & Pro Hunter gaiters 
  • Optics - Swarovski DSI scope, EL 42 binoculars 
  • Bipod - Spartan Javelin Hunt Tac Pro (long model) bipod, Spartan Emberleaf Cael AR V2 knife