Is this the best long-range shooting set-up that money can buy? Paul Austin finds out in this episode of Shooting & Country TV when he shoots this straight off-the-shelf long-range rig out as far as Chobham Ridge Range will allow!

Moving from a 150 yards zero right the way out past 1,000 yards, Paul gets to grips with the Accuracy International AT-X rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor, Zeiss LRP S3 6-36x56 scope, and Lapua 6.5 136gr SCENAR OTM ammo, offering long-range shooting tips and advice as he goes.

If you are looking to get into precision rifle shooting and are looking for the ultimate long-range shooting set-up, straight off the shelf with no customization or home-loading required, you're in the right place! Filmed by kind permission of the NRA of the UK at Chobham Ridge Range.