In this episode of our series - Deer management with Chris Rogers - we are back on the estate in December, and it's red hind season!

The estate has a high population of lowland red deer, and as one of the larger UK deer species, which is also a herding species, the damage they can cause to the woodland and crops is extensive.

As deer manager for the estate, it's Chris's job to keep the numbers down to minimise such damage, and for the general health of the herd, which deteriorates when the population density is too high.

During December, it is the season for red hind shooting, since all dependent young will have been weaned by this time of the year. In this video, enjoy watching a true professional as he embarks on some red hind hunting to hit his cull targets.


  • Rifle: Blaser R8 Ultimate Stock in 30-06 
  • Clothing: Harkila Pro Hunter Move Jacket and Trousers, Forest Hunter GTX Mid boots & Pro Hunter gaiters
  • Optics: Swarovski DSI scope, EL 42 binoculars 
  • Bipod: (Raytrade) Spartan Javelin Hunt Tac Pro (long model) bipod, Spartan Emberleaf Cael AR V2 knife