I want to get into deer stalking of the smaller UK deer species... which calibre would you recommend? Is .243 ok for muntjac?

Q: I have done target and field shooting for many years but I am thinking of getting in to deer stalking – specifically for muntjac as there seem to be more and more about where I shoot. Have I got to use a .243 or could I use a smaller calibre such as .223 or .22-250?

A:DOM HOLTAM replies: If you are shooting either muntjac or Chinese water deer in England or Wales then you can opt to select a .22 centrefire calibre such as one of the two you mention. The legislation stipulates a minimum calibre of .220”, a minimum muzzle energy of 1,000ft lbs and a minimum bullet weight of 50 grains.

You cannot use a calibre of less than .240” for any of the larger deer species (you can use a .22-250 or similar for roe up in Scotland) so unless you were to exclusively tackle CWD or munties, a .243 would give greater flexibility if you wanted to stalk, say, roe and fallow from time to time.