What items do you suggest for your emergency toolkit?

Q: What items do you suggest carrying in your emergency toolkit to maintain rifles in the field?

CHRIS PARKIN replies: I have two set-ups for this role: one that is pretty much ‘everything’ for when I am at the range, but if hunting, I keep things to the bare minimum.

I carry a selection of Allen/Torx keys and small screwdriver tips for my hex driver to cover every fitting on my rifle that can realistically be tightened in the field. I also carry a multitool but only because it includes pliers – I wouldn’t normally carry one as I only use items on longer trips that I have full confidence in and rarely ever use these tools.

A Dragon Tail/Bore Snake or the like is mandatory if you get any debris in the barrel. These items cover me for any maintenance that would be a complete day stopper, yet really only add a few grams. I don’t bother trying to do anything more serious without proper tools and, consequently, treat my kit quite aggressively to prompt slackness or failures that are likely to occur, before they happen for real, so to speak.

I have no hesitation picking up a rifle by the scope, using it like a handle; if the scope mounts can’t handle this, they are no good to me. As well as a pack of tissues in my pocket to get the water off kit, I carry a disposable lens cloth and oil patch just in case. A knife sharpener is never wasted. But it is all down to personal choice and memories of items you wish you had with you in the past.