Whether hunting in darker conditions or during the day, it is almost impossible to rely on your sense of sight alone. That’s why we all need a companion, one that makes it possible to accurately identify the game in the toughest conditions. One that we can rely on even when visibility is poor, thanks to the highest optical standards – and with the familiar ZEISS quality. That's where the range of Zeiss DTI thermal spotters comes in...

Zeiss thermal hunting spotter

Unmatched Viewing Experience

When it comes to observing nature, clear and precise images play a vital role in capturing every intricate detail. To meet this demand, ZEISS has developed the cutting-edge ZEISS Smart Image Processing algorithm. This innovative technology is designed to enhance image quality by optimizing sharpness and contrast with precision, resulting in unmatched clarity and detail. With ZSIP, you can be assured of obtaining optimized image quality, delivering the best possible outcome for your observations.

Best-in-Class Usability

ZEISS has developed the ErgoControl operating concept - the intelligent button arrangement and optimised shape to ensure that every function can be controlled easily and intuitively, for both left and right-handed users.

Zeiss thermal hunting spotter

Sophisticated Power Management

ZEISS thermal imaging devices feature sophisticated power management for the longest possible observation times. This is achieved through a combination of different technologies, such as an integrated standby or auto-off function. All our devices are also equipped with powerful Li-Ion batteries for hours of use.

Zeiss thermal hunting spotter

Connectivity with ZEISS Hunting App

As a mobile app and a web application, the ZEISS Hunting app connects you with other hunters all over the world and gives you more transparency in your hunting ground: publish, document, and synchronize content, get the latest news via the newsfeed, and share livestreams about your hunting ground.

Zeiss thermal hunting spotter hunting App

8 Different colour modes

ZEISS thermal imaging cameras offer 8 different colour modes so you can choose the setting that best suits your needs. “Black hot” and “white hot” deliver images with a high level of contrast. When observing in areas with vast vegetation, “red hot” allows for a fast detection of heat sources. The colour mode “rainbow” is ideal for identifying the smallest differences in temperature. In addition, four colour modes have been designed to reduce the glare of the screen in a dark environment and reduce eye strain

Customisable Settings

Hunting can be a very individual activity. When it comes to thermal imaging cameras, every hunter has their own personal preferences. Therefore, the new DTI’s now offer the ability to select exactly which colour modes are active and which are not, so you only need to click through the ones you want to use. The same applies to the zoom settings – now you can limit the maximum zoom level to your liking.

The new portfolio of ZEISS Thermal Imaging Cameras is now available in 8 different models. Whether for stalking, hunting from a raised hide, in the forest, in the field, or wherever the passion for hunting blazes – ZEISS always delivers the best solution for every hunting ground.

The range of zeiss thermals

Top left: DTI 1 | Bottom left: DTI 3 Gen2 | Top right: DTI 4 | Bottom right: DTI 6

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