Konus Optics are actually an Italian brand who through their UK distributor, Range Right, now offer a comprehensive range of optical hardware for the outdoor sportsman, with value for money an entrenched part of the brief. On test is a sizeable scope which offers FFP or First Focal Plane specification, along with a host of other features, primarily aimed at the hunting fraternity. 

 Konuspro F-30 4-16 x 52 FFP scopeBold

With a 52mm objective and that boxy chassis, this is a bold piece of glassware that adds some 27.5oz of displacement up top. I bolted it in place on a custom Weihrauch HW77, and it didn’t look out of place. Along with the scope itself, we get flip-up friction-fit lens caps, a four-inch screw-on sunshade, lens cloth and instructions. The ‘30’ in the name refers to the 30mm body tube, and we get target tactical-style turrets, and an illuminated reticle.

 Konuspro F-30 4-16 x 52 FFP scopeFocus First

Setting the dioptre fast-focus at the rear was my first task, and this was quickly achieved, then it was a simple matter of replacing the push-fit lens cap. It’s nice to know that the reticle is engraved onto the glass, making it far more robust than wire designs. As for the configuration, Konus call it the ‘Ballistic 550’, so called due to the bottom line being the aim point for apparently the most popular centrefire ammunition loads at that distance. Don’t be misled here, though, the stadia lines fall really well for usual airgun distances up to 50-odd yards. It’s all very precise, following the Christmas-tree layout, with progressive windage and elevation points, and a very precise central floating hollow dot.

There are five stages of brightness, with either red or blue illumination, and a subtle approach sees just the centre dot lighting up. No glare on test either, and easily controlled via the clever offset of the rheostat.

First Focal Plane (FFP) means the reticle increases in size in proportion as the mag’ is increased, which may or may not suit, dependent upon the type of shooting pursued. Dialling the mag’ is super smooth, as is the parallax correction dial on the left, and with distances marked up as 10 yards, 12, 15, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500, out to infinity, versatility is built in.

 Konuspro F-30 4-16 x 52 FFP scopeSet-up

To fit the 4-inch sunshade, remove the friction fit front lens cap, screw the shade into position, then push the lens cap over the sunshade – job done. Zeroing is pretty easy to achieve, and on test, I found the optic not far off yet almost centred from the off – reassuring that everything is as it should be. Those chunky push/pull lockable turrets may be rather bulbous, but the ‘pull up to open’ mechanism worked well. Clicks were smooth and positive on test, but the push-down lock feature was slightly vague. Adding some mark to the turret after setting would make sense, just to keep a check, and many serious enthusiasts would do this as a matter of course. Tracking shot movement all responded as it should, though. As for clarity of image, it’s hard to find fault. Multi-coated lenses are specified, and with a bright vivid image, and edge-to-edge sharpness on test, I finished my session fairly impressed. 

Look closely through the scope and there’s a small flat section at the base of the image, featuring a small spirit level inset. This is designed to keep the scope level and minimise cant, where the shooter unwittingly holds the gun off to one side. A good idea in theory, but for hunting, I would fit my own separate device because the integral level fitted here isn’t that easy to see, to be honest. That niggle apart, this is a highly capable scope. It has plenty of features, reassuringly solid build quality, the usual guarantees of being waterproof, shockproof, fogproof, and nitrogen filled, and it’s fair value for money too. 

 Konuspro F-30 4-16 x 52 FFP scopeTech specs

Model: Konuspro F-30 4-16 x 52 FFP
Manufacturer: Konus, Italy, made in PRC
Objective Lens Diameter: 52mm
Magnification: Variable 4-16x
Reticle: Engrave Ballistic 550 reticle, illuminated red & blue centre circle
Weight: 27.5oz
Length: 15” including flip caps
Click Adjustment: ¼ MOA
Field of View: 23.1ft-6.5ft @100yards
Eye Relief: 3.5“
Body Tube: 30mm
Min Focus: 10yds 
Turret Type: Push-pull lockable 
Focal plane: 1st
Finish: Matte black
Turret Movement: Windage: 1 full turret rotation = 60clicks/5.75 revolutions possible                                                                Elevation: 1 full turret rotation = 60clicks/6 revs possible  
Retail Price: £360 approximate guide price including flip-up lens caps, sunshade
Contact: Range Right  
RRP: £360+